About cookies

In order to function fully, this website may store small text files called cookies in your web browser or device. This is common behaviour and allows storing user choices and preferences for taler usage without asking every time.

EU law requires that end-user consent is confirmed for storing non-essential, trackable cookies, so on your first visit to this website you are asked for that consent.

How we use cookies

Because we respect users' privacy, our website itself does not store any cookies that could be used to identify an user or to track his/her online browsing, but instead our cookies are strictly for improving user experience. An example of such cookie is storing a media player's volume value, so that the user preference is kept.

On the other hand, some third party services embedded in the website (for example, YouTube videos, Google calendars or Facebook widgets) may store trackable cookies, which we unfortunately cannot control or prevent. However, you can personally control this by disabling "third-party cookies" in your browser settings. Consult your browser's user guide or support website for more information.

Alternatively, you can install a browser add-on that allows you more control over cookies and online tracking – Ghostery, for example. Open the download page and choose the one for your browser.

How to manage cookies

You may manage and/or delete cookies freely. Consult your browser's user guide or aboutcookies.org for details. You can delete any cookies, and most browsers may be set to block them altogether. Remember, though, that you will lose all website preferences, and blocking cookies may disable some functionality.